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Simply Upload your CV here by attaching it in the form below and we will complete the unique 'on line career summary form' for you to be visible to Northern Territory Employers. Previously candidates were writing their own career summaries but as of January 2013 we are now doing this on behalf of our candidates. We know how to best sell your skills and what really attracts Employers plus no hassles for you other than uploading your CV.  All information is de-identfied other than your first name, unique ID number and no contact information is available to employers without your permission.  We will let you know when your CV has gone live and you can search for it via the Candidate Search page.

We read all the CV's received and alert potential employers of the type of candidates we having coming through and because they get it for free they are always interested. We also have employers searching our site on a regular basis. In short it gets you to the front of the queue!

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